Vila Boem

I love Bucovina because there are colours here, which many earthlings are not able to see anymore.
Because the sky smells of resin, because the meadows are full of various flowers, because the birds never stop chirping, and the stars never fall, they only measure the infinity.
I like Bucovina because this is the place where people look you in the eye and wish you a nice day, even though you have never met them before. I like it because its elders still know how to be surprised, and its children still know how to be ashamed.
Because summer has the flagrance of fresh hay, and autumn smells of latter-grass; Because the sun only rises if the dew sparkles, or if the frozen snow glitters.
Because the clouds never stop. Because the deeper the forests, the more silent they are. Because the noisier the waters, the shallower they are.


Casian Balabasciuc

Welcome to Vila Boem!


Vila Boem was built in the 1920’s by a wealthy Jewish family, who used it as their residence; later it was turned into a food store (one of the first shops from Gura Humorului), and afterwards it became the property of the town hall, and was used as a social canteen.

After a long time, during which its status was unsure and the house became almost uninhabitable, this old house was reborn from its own ashes and, with our help, it became the “Vila Boem” – a quiet, elegant and undoubtedly a charming house, where each and every detail has its own story.

Home away from home


Today the location is new and fits into the concept Home away from home, a place far away from your own home, but which tries to offer you as much of the comfort of a real home as it can.

We offer you 6 accomodation areas: 2 studios, 4 flats and a common living-room, which is perfect for socializing. All the rooms have double beds, a sofa-bed, fully-equipped kitchen with dining-are, and bathroom with a bath-tub.

Discover Bucovina in a different way


Bucovina is well-known for its famous monasteries and churches, but Bucovina does not mean only that. Bucovina also means history, warm-hearted people who tell stories, landscapes which take your breath away, mountain trails that are waiting to be explored, as well as nature areas protected by law.

Vila Boem is situated in the center of Gura Humorului, but in the same time, it is rather secluded from the urban bustle. The most important tourist attractions are very close to it and visiting them is extremely accessible.


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